workshop, human computer interaction and business analytics


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Papers submission: July 8

Papers submission (extended): July 13

Notification of Acceptance: July 23

Workshop date: September 21-23

The proposed workshop will be a space for the participants to present ideas and discuss about methodological concerns on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) related with business applications. The workshop will be focused on the interaction and interpretation of business data relevant for decision making. This space is an opportunity to merge the area of Business Analytics (BA) with HCI. This workshop aims at exploring approaches and debate HCI techniques like natural interaction, user context, user experience, and storytelling with the goal of extending and developing methods for visualizing and interacting with business data.

We propose an environment for participants to expose and develop topics of their interest; to present work in progress, and to elaborate a critical debate about the state of the art in this field.

The connection of this workshop with the themes of the Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (MEXIHC 2016) include the next topics:

      HCI theories: Methodologies used for depicting data for proper interpretation.

     Topics related with HCI: User experience, natural interaction, storytelling, interactive visualization.

     Tools developed for supporting HCI and Business Analytics.

      HCI for Business: New proposals for depicting relevant data for business analytics, mobile and web-based business analytics.

      Scenarios of HCI and business analytics exemplified with proposed solutions.